ITM Financial Review & Bonus

Andre Klein

If you have been following the Internet Time Machine blog you know that the Internet Time Machine software that measures sentiment and trends for the FOREX market is about to go live.

The buzz that is going around the FOREX world is unreal right now and people are emailing them daily to try and gain early access.

In case you don’t know, ITM Financial was build by the same guys that created the successful Internet Time Machine. I’m an Internet Time Machine customer and you can see my Internet Time Machine review here…

Now I have started looking into their new product, ITM Financial, which is bases on the years of knowledge they gained with the  Internet Time Machine, and,  as a matter of fact uses the same and some additional resources.

 I LOVE this video :-), it’s only 26 seconds
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How to burn $50.000 in a few seconds

I have some experience in Stock and CFD trading. Here comes a nice story…

With the CFDs I just recently lost $50,000 in a few minutes on the German DAX; it were really only a few seconds and all because of a stupid error; I “sold” when I really should have bought (go long). I simply confused the directions. So instead of closing number of CFDs I  had, I doubled them!

As the order went through, I thought all was fine, but when I returned to my desk a few minutes later I had burned all my money:(

You may wonder why I had no stop-loss? It was merely an unfortunate coincidence. I had just gone short and was about to set the stop-loss, when suddenly  the market went very bullish. My stop-loss did not go through because of the quick rise. I had to quickly change the trading options to “sell” ASAP, and in the hurry, I confused the buttons; instead of clicking on BUY (as I said, I was short); I clicked on the SELL button.

My Intention was to sell my CFDs, but when you are short, you have to buy the same number for closing your positions. I know this perfectly and have traded short hundreds of times. I am a day-trader, or should I say minutes to hour’s trader. I rarely maintain a position longer than an hour and am used to reacting quickly, but in this case my horror, as I saw this very strong change and the little time I had to react seemed to have blocked my logical thinking, and the only thing I had in mind was to “sell” my positions. So I acted psychologically correct, but not logically 🙁

In any case, you may judge for yourself, whether or not I have the experience to evaluate this kind of products. At least this is  what I’m going to do.

Let me be clear to you from the very beginning; I am an ITM Financial affiliate. This means, that if you decide to order through one of the links on this page then I will get my share. But the only reason I decided to become an affiliate was because I believe that this is a “promising” product that I am capable of evaluating the product and services honestly and put my name and signature on what I write in this review.

I will put quite some time and effort into this review and, do not know the outcome yet, but I hope it helps you in taking an informed decision 🙂

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Salvia divinorum or Salvy – When a Trend Isn’t Worth Pursuing

Follwing a message I got from Curt (Time Machine Guy)…

When a Trend Isn’t Worth Pursuing, Even a ‘Magical’ Trend …Salvia divinorum or Salvy

You’ve probably heard of Magic Mushrooms, Peyote, and other hallucinogenic drugs.  They rose to prominence in the early 1960s and it seems young people, especially in the U.S., have been in search of the next product straight from Mother Nature that will give them a high …

Well USA Today recently ran a story on Salvia divinorum Continue reading Salvia divinorum or Salvy – When a Trend Isn’t Worth Pursuing

TUBE SAMURAI – YouTube dominator software FREE for ITM members

The latest release of Internet Time Machine software products that are offered for free to ITM members is called TUBE SAMURAI – The YouTube dominator software. Tube Samurai is a complete new software that you can use to build up your YouTube presence with a few clicks of a button.  Gold and Platinum ITM members can download there TUBE SAMURAI copy here

Tube Samurai, in addition to ITM’s  SEPCON email list builder, and SANGENE ebook and optin page creator, build up to an unbeatable software suite that can’t be touched in terms of value, FREE for Internet Time Machine Gold and Platinum members.

Video marketing is clearly the current and future of Internet Marketing.  If you have been to any internet marketing conferences Continue reading TUBE SAMURAI – YouTube dominator software FREE for ITM members

SANE-GEN eBook and report Generator free for ITM members

Today Curt Dalton from the Internet Time Machine (ITM) announced that all Internet Time Machine Gold or Platinum members will get free access to SANE-GEN a last generation and cutting edge Automated Report and eBook and Generation Tool.

If you are already a ITM Gold or Platinum member you can download your free copy here:

For a free tutorial on how to use SANE-GEN check out the follwing video:

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SEPCON Email List Building System – Review – FREE for ITM members

Andre Klein

SEPCON Premium, the Email List Building System capable of discovering upto 10,000 Optin Email Leads, is now OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD, for ITM SILVER, GOLD & PLATINUM Members. If you haven’t seen the power of this thing, check out the video below  –  Sepcon Email List Builder.

Anyone can download the free trial edition here…. It is fully functional, but does not allow saving or exprting the results.

You get a complimentary copy of the Premium edition if you are or become a member of  The Internet Time Machine.  That means ANY level membership, but you may even get a higher version in the next few days only, if you upgrade your ITM membership level.

LIVE FOOTAGE of SEPCON Premium in Action

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