The Internet Time Machine – Review

AndreKlein-CV-w150.jpgLet me first introduce myself a little. My name is Andre Klein and I have been in the Internet Marketing world for quite some time, failing a lot and being more or less successful on other occasions. One of this has being writing “independent” product reviews.

Initially I tried using some of the review web templates available, modify them and add some of my own research and, on occasions, own experience. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but it is more based on other peoples experience than my own. You will find a few of those on my main product reviews site. But what I most like is writing about products that I have really had a chance to use myself  and for my business.

So here comes one of those… This  review has got much longer than I expected. If you want a quick view first, head down to the conclusions chapter. You may also go to a shorter introduction on  “What is TheInternet Time Machine?” here… It includes a 2 minutes video introduction from the ITM Guys about What is The Internet Time Machine? As I am evaluating the very first publically available (beta) version of the The Internet Time Machine, things may change quickly, be aware of the date of this post, February 22, 2010.

<<<Update Feb. 23-2010. WOW! The first day after publishing my review I got already feedback from Curt, the visible face of the ITM team; “Just got through it and it is very fair and open….those things your husband points out need to be worked on and I love the feedback.” Very positive attitude! We will see how many of my suggestions will be implemented. Curt also pointed me to the FAQ section to answer some of the questions I raised regarding the scores, that were not explained in any video. I will place them in the corresponding sections below, marked with “Update Feb. 23-2010. Additional updates will be prefixed the same way.” >>>

An Introduction into “The Internet Time Machine” (ITM)

(Courtesy of The Intenet Timemachine Guys)

This has ended up being a quite extensive review, therefore… I will first summarize very biefly what the The Internet Time Machine is (or claims to be. We will see…).

  1. It is a huge database that is being constantly updated with the most current mentions on the internet. “The Latest Keyphrases used in PPC Ads, and mentioned on BLOGS, NEWS GROUPS, and MAILING LISTS across the GLOBE in +36.000.000 sources”
  2. The same is true for the most recent searches in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more.
  3. Additionaly is follows upcoming trends of the last months.
  4. What differntiate the ITM from other search term tools is that it also matches the resultst against how much supply (PPC, Product pages,..) is out there and ranks them accordingly.
  5. Therefore you get pre-filtered results with PROFITABLE keywords and niches that you can immediately TAKE ACTION on. Either by creating SEO optimized content, using  the low competition keywords to bid in your PPC campaings, or be among the first to promote an existing product of create your own one for the dewly upcoming trends.

The Internet is becoming a highly competitive place in which to do business. A few years back, there was more opportunity for a lot more people to make good profits from an online business. However, today, since the market is saturated with so many people wanting to make a living online, there is much more competition than has ever been on the Internet.

This especially poses a challenge for newcomers. We all know that many people have made huge profits on the Net, and that there are “lucky” newcomers appearing every day, but when others try to do the same, they fail miserably… and they want to know why. They also want to find out if there is a sure fire way to make a good profit from an online business. The Internet Time Machine (ITM) claims to address this issue and make finding profitable niches easy, even for beginners and especially for experienced Internet Marketers. We will see… In this first introduction I will summarize some statements that come from “The Internet Time Machine” creators. So don’t take those as my words! Later on I will take a more critical look into the real Internet Time Machine and Services offered.

I may mention already that I was one of the first that purchased (Yes purchased, I did not get if for free!) a ITM membership and am in the process of learning the system. The following are my first impressions and more will follow as I get to know the Internet Time Machine better. I am doing my best to be unbiased.

First of all I would like to keep up to my reputation to being an independent reviewer and second, believe me, there are so many products on the Internet that I try not to waste my time on the ones that offer the same as so many others. I tend to focus more and more on products or services that are on the cutting edge and seem to be very promising. In some cases I still wasted my time and had to criticize them for over promising, but quite a few have turned out to be valuable assets, most of which I am still using.

I find it worthwhile trying out The Internet Time Machine for some time and want to be clear with you from the very beginning.

In case you decided to test it too (from one of my links) and stayed later on with a fully paid membership, I should get my share too. Isn’t this fair for the effort I am putting into creating this review?  In case you think not, here is the clean, non-affiliate link,

But you may want to first keep on reading…I will tell you what I liked and disliked about The Internet Time Machine. I will also tell you if it’s a total crap or scam. The Internet Time Machine was designed specifically to address the need of finding EMERGING or RISING profitable niches with high demand and low competition/supply.

A lot of sincere and hard working people want to make a living off the Net, but they face so much competition from people already out there that they find it increasing difficult to make a profit in any market. Very few newcomers are even familiar with niche marketing and so try to enter larger markets where the competition is much fiercer. As a result they get simply eaten up by their competitors in no time (I could tell you few own painful experiences on this, but this is another story…). In The Internet Time Machine review, we will see how the system claims to (can?) help newcomers and experienced Internet Marketers as well, to establish an online business and actually see profits.

The “simple” secret to having success online is finding profitable niches to market to, take action, know how to drive traffic to your (affiliate) products and make your marketing efforts “convert” into cash on your account. These are the basic principles, and it doesn’t seem to be too difficult. But failure in any of those building blocks will make the whole fall apart. It is almost impossible for newcomers to enter into broader markets and succeed there. They need to search for good niche markets that have a high demand to begin with. They also have to ensure that the competition in the niche is manageably low. If the competition is already high, it means that the niche is already getting saturated. They then need to move on to a less saturated niche.

Keyword research helps in determining which niches have high demand, but knowing whether there is also low supply is not an easy task at all. Additionally, the problem with keyword research is that it is not easy for newbies to understand the concepts in the depth required to find profitable, low competition niches. This is where The Internet Time Machine comes into the picture. The ITM Guys  claim that the system is designed to help newcomers in getting started quickly. But it is not something so elementary for only newcomers to use. The service is so comprehensive that especially seasoned Internet Marketers can make excellent use of the system. The program is so designed that both Internet novices as well as veterans can take advantage of the power of the system to really make excellent profits online.

Summarizing, The Internet Time Machine system claims to basically help people identify profitable niche markets very easily, markets where products offered are far from matching the increasing demand and give them the keywords needed for promoting at low cost. The heart of the ITM is an extensive database that is constantly being updated to locate red hot niches that are ready to yield great returns.

Members can easily take advantage of these readily identified markets and pull profits from them within a relatively short period of time. The Internet Time Machine therefore drastically cuts down the keyword research phase and helps people geting started with their Internet business on a much more secure footing. The Internet Time Machine takes the guesswork out of upcoming trends and points its members to rising trends with low supply. O.k. we got the idea, let’s now see how the ITM gets this data…

Are you interested and want to see more?


You may try it now. Risk Free…

Disclaimer; When you purchase a product through any of our links, we may get a percentage paid of the sales price. Don’t you think it’s fair that we get a little share for our efforts in putting this information together?

How does The Internet Time Machine Work?

The Internet Time Machine is basically a cluster of powerful computer networks working together to analyze search data in order to identify profitable niches. These networks are called cloud computer networks and they work like a digital army to handle to process the flood of data streaming into its inputs. The system has been up and running for the last eight years. But only for the last two years, the system could be used to identify profitable niches. That is because for the first six years of its existence, it was focused on gathering data that it needs to spot highly profitable niches. So the team that built The Internet Time Machine have spent an enormous amount of time gleaning over so much volume of data that they now seem to have the base to be able to spot the profitable niches. To be precise, at any given moment of time, the The Internet Time Machine can monitor the search trends all over the Internet for over 36,000,000 keywords.

Using The Internet Time Machine, users can know which keyword or phrase has been getting the highest searches volumes for each month, or for a particular week or for a particular day or hour even. With a service like this, every user of the system is literally turbo charged with information on which niches to target next for an incredible profit. That sounds very powerful. Too good to be real? Here is what they say distinguishes The Internet Time Machine from their competitors; There are of course a few other programs that claim to do something similar. But none of them has been tracking the keywords as long as The Internet Time Machine, AND matches them against the supplies offered, which really makes the difference.

To accurately discern the profitability of a niche market, you need sufficient data to plot the supply AND demand curves. And for these curves to be accurate in their predictions, you need to have been tracking the data for a considerable period of time. You cannot predict a trend in the future with data that was collected over a one or two month period. For the predictions to turn out right, you need data that has been collected for at least a couple of years at a stretch. That is precisely where The Internet Time Machine comes into its own.

Looks like The Internet Time Machine beats most other system when it comes to the amount of time that it has spent solely on recording data for years on end. I can’t bet on this, as I don’t know them all, but 6 years is quite a long period. The builders of the system were so confident of the strategy that they spent six long years collecting just data without anything to show for their work. But once the system started producing output, it was plain for all to see the highly accurate results it produced, which was every bit worth the time invested in gleaning tons and tons of information of searched keywords.

The ITM Guys are making this amazing power now available for every single user of The Internet Time Machine. But who could/should take advantage of the system? O.k., so far with what the ITM claims to provide. Let’s have a closer look now at what services they offer. There are two levels of access to the system and three main areas The Internet Time Machine targets, which we will go into more detail in the following chapter.

What Services does The Internet Time Machine System Offer?

As we explained before, the Internet Time Machine points out growing trends that have a particular low supply curve. The services offered have two levels:

  1. You get access to the members area where you will find a forum, and blog and video posts pointing out new trends and business/marketing ideas prepared by the ITM Team.
  2. On this membership level you also get access to the Internet Time Machine itself and to run your own queries.

The Internet Time Machine forum is still in its infancy; hence, there is little I can tell you about it. But I have read a lot of the blog posts and seen all videos available in the Internet Time Machine members area. It took me some time, but now I am starting seeing the power of the information provided by the Internet Time Machine and the ideas that can be generated and conclusions drawn.

This member area videos and posts part is already prepared by the ITM team, and it would be just a matter of taking action to be able to monetize this information. Why am I still writing this? Well, taking action is once of my weak points. I am taking action on too many areas 🙁 , so I will skip this one, for now 😉 Let’s move on and have a closer look on the three queries types you can run on the ITM. If the already prepared information in the member section was very valuable, what will the opportunity to run my own queries offer me?

1) Most Recent Mentions From the Last 24 Hours”

The video may take some time to load…(pause, let load a little and play again)

Get the Latest Keyphrases used in PPC Ads, and mentioned on BLOGS, NEWS GROUPS, and MAILING LISTS across the GLOBE in +36.000.000 sources!”


HowTo-01MostRecentMentionsFromtheLast24Hours.jpgThis query does NOT look at the supply side. The results show the phrases that are the most popular movers in the world “right now”, or in other words, what people are most “talking” about in the Internet world.

The result can be ordered naturally or alphabetically and in the “SEO Sensitivity” option you may specify whether the results should be more search engine oriented (critical) or more targeted toward blogs (low). Every row comes with the “#. of Broad Matches Worldwide”  (in last 24 hours!) and an “ITM SEO-ST Score” that ranges from 1 to 10. This area is targeted to the “SEO Gurus” in all of us.

Let’s say you had a fitness product and found that people were talking about “Medicine Ball Exercises”. You could write articles or blog entries in related sites using this term in your anchor text, title tags, article and blog post titles, and have them point back to your product. Apart of driving indirect traffic to your site, this “link juice” will help your side position better in the search engine results.

But not all is sunshine in this part…The dropdown box for “SEO Sensitivity” could be explained better. I am quite good at SEO, but I am struggling with the meaning of this option. The column “ITM SEO-ST Score” ranges from 1-10, but what does this really mean to me? Is a value of 5 still interesting, and why? Additionally there is no option to get results filtered based on a specific search term.

<<<Update Feb. 23-2010. See FAQ on ITM site: SEO-ST is an Algorithminc Score, on a Scale of 1 to 10, that indicates the favorability of a keyphrase to an SEO Campaign it is related to. Marketers can use keyphrases with High Scores (close to 10) to Optimize their websites for good ranking in Search Engine Results pages. >>>

2) Potential Trends From the Last 24 Hours;

The video may take some time to load…(pause, let load a little and play again)

“Get the Latest Information about Keyphrases being searched for on Multiple Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, BING, Ask and others.”


HowTo-02PotentialTrendsFromtheLast24Hours.jpgHours Here the only display option is the keyword/phrase order, natural or alphabetical, together with a the mystical ITM SE-GS Score. This score is still a mystery to me, but I the maximum a keyword can get is the magical 1000.98. Each of these scores are grouped to corresponding evaluations like:

  • Going HOT! On Multiple Search Engines -> ITM SE-GS Score : 1000.98
  • VERY Popular! On 50%+ Search Engines ->  ITM SE-GS Score : 506.49
  • FAIRLY Popular! On 50%+ Search Engines ->  ITM SE-GS Score : 455.44
  • Taking Off.. In Under 5% of Search Engines -> ITM SE-GS Score : 273.27

So, what does this tell me? Well I’d need a little more explanation on how the rank # and ITM SE-GS Score correlate, but in any case this is the dream of the PPC marketer. You get high volume search terms with little or no ads bidding on them. Find the ones that apply to your niche and bid on phrase or exact match for pennies.

That’s real value that will payout instantly! I hate to be nasty, but this information would be much better manageable if I could filter the output on specific terms. Having to page through hundreds of thousands of records is more than tedious, its simply too much. So, my dear ITM guys up there in the cloud computing sky, listen to my prays and make my wish come true. Myself and lots of others users will bless you… I understand that this may hit your response time, but I also know that you will take care of this problem by adding a few helpful CPU Angles to your computing cloud.

<<<Update Feb. 23-2010. See FAQ on ITM site: SEO-GS is an Algorithmic Score, on a Scale of 1 to 1001, that indicates whether the concerned Keyphrase has shown good activity over a certain timeframe enough to form a Trend, i.e. a keyphrase with a score close to 1000 means it has been mentioned on countless occasions on multiple websites across the globe and is a profitable keyphrase to invest PPC Expenditure on as it is forming a trend whereby more and more users are searching for it online but are not finding relevant PPC Ads connected to products or services related to the keyphrase. In a nutshell, the Higher the score, the Lower the PPC Supply and vice versa.. >>>

3) ITM Core Trend Analysis

The video may take some time to load…(pause, let load a little and play again)

“The ITM uses proprietary, state-of the-art search analysis algorithms to identify hot new prodcut areas and niches that are developing worldwide. We monitor increase search volumes over time in topics and look to see where supply, organic or PPC, is not keeping up with demand. These are long term product development ideas.” HowTo-03ITMCoreTrendAnalysis-LIST.jpg

HowTo-03ITMCoreTrendAnalysis.jpg This is the big one, where the real “meat” is. It is similar to the mentions query, but going over 60, 90 and 120 days. Here you find growing trends of what people have been continuously be searching on and where there are little or no supplies being offered either organically or through paid ads.

There are quite a lot of options and filters you can apply (for more info on the ITM filters see this video), so I can’t complain on this part, other that I would like to be able to export the results.

The list displays the rising search terms, #. of Worldwide Searches and the two mystical ITM scores SE-GS (ranges from 1- 49.95) and SEO-ST (ranges from 1-10).

Again there is no further explanation on what they mean and how they correlate. Guys, you could be a little more educational and explanatory! Curt, the visible face of Internet Time Machine team, points out that the terms shown are not necessarily business opportunities, but simply what people are searching for and that more than 99% is worthless, but among the 1% there may be quite some real big gold nuggets.

He also mentions that you can follow certain trends, but doesn’t explain how. I would think that this can be achieved by applying the filters, but again as we will see below, the history page does not show sufficient details to allow identifying specific queries. This queries are aimed at  the Product Creation Wizard in all of us. But I also see a lot of potential in cross selling related products you may have already. Some of the terms I found interesting today (Feb. 22, 2010) were:

  • abakua dance – Create a product or put and ad for related products
  • cia agent job description, – A little tougher to create a product, but maybe you have psychology test product that could them him preparing, or simply offer some income options
  • amarillo farm show – Do you have related products? ,
  • broadcam review – This is a clear candidate for cross selling (streaming) video related products

Well, I could go on, but you get the idea. What is kind of daunting is have to browse through thousands of rows. Again the ITM could add a little intelligence to this and offer an option of displaying known business related keywords results only. They could have an internal data base of terms like forex, online, game, training, fitness, health, etc…. This would be another, more targeted view on the same underlying data. There were also some quite funny results. Just to name a few:

  • cereal box dimensions – #. of Worldwide Searches : 5,284,160. How comes that so many searches are done on this subject?
  • bruckner hobbies – Appears twice! Worldwide Searches : 10,563,970 and 7,005,370

Maybe the ITM guys need to streamline their algorithm a little? But in any case the information provided is very valuable. Just by browsing a couple of hours this query inspired me to some nice business ideas. Will I take action? I’m afraid; I won’t, for now 😉 <<<Update Feb. 23-2010. See FAQ on ITM site:

  1. The ITM uses multiple sources of data, amassing over 40 Million Data Sources from across the World Wide Web.
  2. These sources include Blogs, Newsgroups, Search Engines, Link Directories, Mailing Lists, Article Repositories, News Channels, to mention only a few.
  3. The ITM is a complex Search Retrieval and Analysis Engine, that scopes the World Wide Web every 24 hours for what’s being talked about, what is being advertised, what sites are doing better than others, which keyphrases are being searched for, in what proportions and related to what topics.
  4. The ITM is composed of THREE major components: CRAWLERS, TRENDBOTS and STATISTICAL ANALYSIS MODS.
  5. The combined operative functionality of all three components in tandem, allows the ITM to study data from millions of sources across the web, and evaluate what keyphrases are being mentioned where on the web, what their relative importance is to the users searching for them, where (which search engines) they are being searched and in what frequency, what topics are being written about on multiple websites that are contextually relevant to these keyphrases, how much PPC Advertising there is already being conducted for these keyphrases (if any, which is the catch the ITM capitalizes on), and what keyphrases are exhibiting high volumnes of search and have little to no PPC ads being supplied for them.
  6. Having completed its daily search and analysis routines, the ITM is capable of projecting a score, individually, for each keyphrase, that depicts how valuable that keyphrase can be to Internet Marketers, SEO Experts and/or both. The scores projected are such that, the HIGHER the score, the HIGHER the DEMAND for it is (this is reflected via No. of Search Queries as only ONE of several parameters involved in computing the score), and the LOWER the SUPPLY in PPC Ads for the keyphrase in question. Typically, the HIGHEST SCORE and any scores within 5% of the HIGHEST SCORE, represent HIGHLY PROFITABLE keyphrases / keywords that if used correctly in PPC Campaigns can generate massive profits due to little to NO Advertiser Competition!
  7. By providing these scores to users of the ITM, particularly those of the ‘Potential Trends’ feature, the ITM provides a wealth of information to Internet Marketers to successfully market existing products in hot niches identified by high-scoring keyphrases, OR to develop new products for the same. This presents an AMAZING plethora of hundreds of thousands of UNTAPPED keyphrase combinations that are PPC-Ready, or are basically winners if used correctly in PPC Campaigns to market new or existing products.
  8. The ITM is a Revolutionary Development in the realm of Internet Marketing, giving Internet Marketers and SEO Experts the ability to foresee a highly profitable product or product niche, BEFORE it has gone public. The wealth of information provided by the ITM in the form of hundreds of thousands of extremely valuable keyphrases in this manner, is by any definition, a Market Breaker for Product Development and Profitable Release.
  9. The days of experimenting with varying combinations of Keyword Lists and Keyword Tool Suggestions are over. Users of the ITM will have the ability to Know Today What People Will By Tomorrow, or better yet, are wanting to by now!For a free look at the User Interface and Scoring, here is a video.


Are you interested and want to see more?


You may try it now. Risk Free…

Disclaimer; When you purchase a product through any of our links, we may get a percentage paid of the sales price. Don’t you think it’s fair that we get a little share for our efforts in putting this information together?

Additional Pages Available From the ITM Top Menu

HOME: This is the main ITM query page we just covered before.

REPORTS: The reports section is very handy as you can download Excel and text format listings of the default queries for “Most Popular Mentions”, “first 100,000 Potential Trends” and a “FULL SET of Potential Trends” from the Last 24 Hours. Don’t download a set of trends with more than 65534 rows. It’s a waste of time, as it will take forever to download and open it up, to in the end only list the maximum Excel row numbers.

So why are they offering downloading the first 100,000 in Excel Format? Well, you still have the option of downloading the text version. What I don’t get either is why the ITM Guys didn’t list the downloadable files in the same column order as they are on the ITM main page? Not important at all, but kind of stup… Also, why can’t I download the ITM Core Trend Analysis files? I suppose the latter is more intellectual property reasons. I would probably do the same.

In summary, when the guy designed the reports page he had even a hangover or was still drunk, but it’s still a nice feature. An improvement that I would suggest is adding a download button directly to the main query and history page, and once you click on it present the available download options. I bet they will add this in the future. That’s a piece of cake for these guys (provided they are not drunk).

HISTORY: Here you can access again the queries you run before. Also a nice feature, but still a little rudimentary. As already mentioned, the ability to download the history files would be nice to have. But what is a “must to have”, are more details on the query you run, not only the date, and type (Recent Mentions or Potentential Trends), but also the Display Order, SEO sensitivity and any filters applied. To cater for this request they may have to add an additional row to each entry, but how the hack am I going to remember the filters I applied to a specific query.  Again, I should not forget that I am still on the beta version, and this may come in the near future. Let’s be optimistic 😉

TOP TRENDS: Here you can see on one page the top 25 Mentions and Potential Trends. I can’t get really what I should use this page for. I suppose this should help matching mentions and trends, but when ever I looked at it the information was so different that I could not see a real advantage of having the information together on the same page.

What I did was look for each row in the mentions table for something similar in the trends table. This is a quite tedious task. I may no be smart enough to get the point here?  But again, I can come up with an improvement suggestion. Why doesn’t the ITM apply a little intelligence and highlight matching mentions and trends and place them together in a third, “Matching-Mentions-Trends” table. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? Or taking it a little further, why not have on single table with the top 25 “Matching-Mentions-Trends”? That’s even smart, isn’t it? 😉

The Internet Time Machine – Competition in the Market

There are many products out there that help users in doing their keyword research. How is The Internet Time Machine different from those and is it really better than those products? It is obvious that many companies have seen the need for a good keyword research tool and gone ahead and developed their offering.

Since keyword research is one of the most important activities on which Internet marketing revolves around, many of these companies have rightly invested their time and efforts in developing a product to meet this important requirement. They have also marketed their product as a solution for doing keyword research for everyone to use.

Some of these products are very good on the Keyword research side, but don’t help a lot on spotting what are the upcoming markets, while others do not have features worth mentioning. People have been using many of these products for quite a while, and I will still keep using my other keyword tools, like Market Samurai, but they will be complementary to the Internet Time Machine, and my research will start with the The ITM to find my niche first.

The other keyword tools will still help me finding additional keyword to bid on in my campaigns.  This turns the original keyword process upsite-down and  should save me lots of time and money. As far as I know, no other system even comes close to the amount of time that The Internet Time Machine has spent on gathering this data for this specific purpose.

Tools like Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker may beat the ITM on the time and amount of keywords they have been gathering data, but are not targeted towards matching this data to upcoming trends with little supply. In other words, I am not aware of any tool single that matches The Internet Time Machine’s functionality. That does not mean that there may be other similar products, but I simply haven’t heard of any. It really takes a long time for any kind of research to predict future trends. Be it weather forecasts, market trends or any other form of data analysis, the accuracy of the prediction predominantly rests on the volume of information collected and the duration over which this data was gleaned.

If you want to plot your curve forward accurately, your curve needs data points going back in time. The fewer points it has backwards, the less accurate the curve becomes. But on the other hand, with more points available as you go back in time, the more accurately you can plot your curves in the forward direction. This is precisely how The Internet Time Machine is able to predict niches.

Since the system has been gathering keyword data for the past eight years, its curves extend back in time considerably. With this volume of data, the system is powerful enough to plot curves in the forward direction with pinpoint precision which is exactly what The Internet Time Machine does every time. It is able to identify the most profitable niches on the Internet so accurately.

Who Would Benefit from The Internet Time Machine membership?

For now, let’s take for granted that The Internet Time Machine is an extremely powerful system, but for what kind of users has this system really been developed for. It is targeted at professional Internet marketers or can novices also make use of the power of The Internet Time Machine?

A lot of people want to make money on the Internet, but the sad thing is; only a few actually end up making money online. And the percentages are unfortunately low. It is not because the Internet is not a viable platform for making profits, or that the ones that are indeed able to make profits are just plain lucky.

The truth is, anyone can make money on the Internet. It is not just for the super intelligent or those born with a silver spoon. Everyone that is interested enough to make a living online can really flourish on the Internet, and there is nothing that can stop anyone from succeeding. But why is it that only very few people are actually able to earn from the Internet while most others fail miserably? This is a question that plagues many people, especially those who have sincerely tried everything they know and still failed to earn a decent income from the Net. Well, according The Internet Time Machine guys, the answer is quite simple.

People who fail are not tapping into profitable niches, while those who succeed do. Well, we all know that this is a little to simplified, but the truth is that there are so many niches on the Internet, but not all are profitable. Newcomers are usually not capable of distinguishing profitable niches from the unprofitable ones.

Now what makes a niche profitable or unprofitable, you might ask. I think we have already covered this, but to recap; a niche that has a lot of demand but also a constant or increasing rate of supply is a very competitive niche and hence not easy to profit from. On the other hand, a niche where the demand is high but the supply is low or dropping in percentage versus the rising percentage of demand, is a great niche to profit from. These are the niches that can really help people make a real good profit from their sales.

It is quite difficult for people not familiar with keyword research and analysis to find good niches like these on a regular basis. In fact, this is one of the most difficult areas for many people who are trying to get their business going online. And this is where The Internet Time Machine states that it will come to the rescue.

Even if you have only access to the members area and not to the ITM itself, the service helps registered users find these profitable niches time and time again. It shows them which niches to enter when the timing is just right. The Internet Time Machine analyses the demand and supply curve to predict the right time to enter a particular niche and dominate it. With this service at their disposal, users can concentrate on promoting existing products with some of the tricks and trends show (i.e. the Social marketing keyword PPC trick, or developing products and their websites sites to cater to lucrative niches instead of wasting their time searching for them every now and then.

This lets creative people come up with creative products or affiliate marketers to build their websites in profitable niches once they are able to identify which niches to enter next. Well, if this is true, and what I have seen so far in the member’s area confirms this statement, The Internet Time Machine is an invaluable tool for internet marketers who need to know which markets to concentrate on, so that they can strike gold every time they enter a new niche.

Many people who try their hand at starting a business online go on a wild goose chase, hunting for profitable markets to do business in. The problem with this approach is that they would spend a lot of their time, effort and money without having any guarantee that their efforts would finally pay off. And most of the time it does not, which is a very pathetic situation. How many internet marketers are hunting for affiliate commissions in the Weight Loss and Acai berry market? How many have lost their money trying to do so? I don’t know, but I was one of those:-). Well, The Internet Time Machine seems to have detected a new, upcoming product that could boom like the Acia berry.

I can not disclose this here as I am not sure whether this information is restricted to ITM members, but it is a good example on how you can find a profitable micro niche within an already existing major niche. The Internet Time Machine eliminates most of the guesswork in locating good niches to market to. It also drastically cuts short the time required to begin seeing results.

Using the traditional route, marketers might have to spend months together building their sites, advertising using various methods and wait for some more time to see results, without ever knowing if their businesses would really succeed. If they had chosen the right niche at the right time, then they would see good results, but if they had chosen a bad niche, then all their time, effort and money would simply go down the drain. The latter sounds like my story that I repeated over and over again in the early days (or to tell the truth…early YEARS 🙁 ).

With The Internet Time Machine, everything becomes more predictable. Although knowing what niche and product to target is already a major step, still more is required, lots of the uncertainty is removed and you can proceed forward with confidence that you are on the right track. When you have that assurance, you would not mind putting in all your efforts and resources into your business, because you are pretty sure it is going to pay off.

Now who really can benefit from The Internet Time Machine?

Is it only for the professional Internet Marketers, or is it also for the newbies who are just getting started. Well, it is for everyone! Newbies need all the help they can get, and they will surely find big part of their way forward paved by using The Internet Time Machine’s prepared business ideas.

Since keyword research and analysis is one of the things that newcomers find difficulty with, the system can really help them spot the right niches to start with. But the system is so powerful that especially seasoned Internet marketers would greatly benefit from the features provided, particularly  if they go for the second membership level that gives you direct access to the ITM database queries. It can cut short much of the time that Pros usually spend on keyword research. Instead of doing this mundane activity every so often, they can leave this chore to The Internet Time Machine and concentrate their efforts on creating new or improve existing (affiliate) campaigns, creating better products or writing killer sales pages for their products. (“Killer sales page”; where did I get that phrase from? A little contradictory, but sounds great!)

Well, I think that any seasoned Internet Marketer has already grasped the power of the information provided buy the ITM. Their choice should be clearly the second level member package, which will give them access to the The Internet Time Machine database.

Let’s go back to the newbies. Although the Internet Time Machine membership gives you lot’s of valuable information for spotting profitable niches, this is only one part of the equation. You still need to know how to get traffic and make your site convert visitors into dollars on your account.

The ITM even helps you on the traffic side with cheap keywords to bid on. My suggestion for the newbies would be to go for the first level membership (access to the member’s blogs, videos and forum), get ideas and in parallel build up your traffic generation and copywriting skills. You could have a solid business up and running within a couple of months. One important point you should not miss out is growing your opt-in list as you go. Sooner or later you will need an email marketing solution. Aweber is ok, but I prefer GetResponse.

At the end of this post I have listed some of the products and services I use. Well, after all those details you may already know my final conclusions, but for the “lazy” ones or the ones that know me already and have headed directly to the conclusions chapter here we go…

The Internet Time Machine – Conclusions

In this final chapter I will not repeat all the stuff I have already explained before, but concentrate on the main points I like or dislike or add some information that I did not really know were to place it before.

The main conclusion is that I strongly recommend any affiliate and internet marketer to sign up for an Internet Time Machine  and chose the level of access that suites his needs best.

I suggested that newbie should first go for the first level access to the member’s area, as the already prepared business ideas will give them a kick-start into the Internet Business world. The more experienced ones would benefit most from running their own queries and get their own ideas and conclusions. In both cases, if you take action on the information available, the membership price should be covered very soon.

Simply think about how quickly you can burn hundreds of dollars with a few not well chosen keywords in PPC. Not talking about the advantage you have by taping into emerging trends and markets.  So now let’s see what I did not like about the ITM.

The Internet Time Machine – What I don’t Like

TRAINING: I already touched on this point before, but I think I need to stress this a little more. I think a problem that the ITM Guys have is similar to the one that many intelligent people have. They are so brilliant that they are having problems understanding that others do not catch up as quickly as they do, and assume things as obvious and given that lots of us would need a “little” more explanation on.

First of all, there is no overview training for the general Internet Time Machine user interface. For me it is quite easy to use, intuitive and self-explanatory, but I would not assume that this is true for all users.  E.g. it took me some time to discover the top menu that and the explanations about it are only very briefly described in the third video. Apart of the “technical” and user interface training, I miss training on how to really take advantage of the information provided by the ITM system. It took me some time to grasp the potential I have at my disposal, but I still have the feeling that I am far away from understanding how to fully benefit from this wealth of information.

Well I admit that I am not among the smart guys on this planet but, there will be lot’s like me that would need a little more help. So there is some homework for the ITM guys to do, I think…

<<<Update Feb. 24-2010. The ITM Guys is listning to us… “More training videos are on the way to, so tell the hubby we have heard his cries fo help!,  Curt>>>

USABILTY: I understand that this is still a “beta” version, and as with all of those the focus is on getting the main functionality up and running.  If you go have access to the database you will find that research is still a very cumbersome task. More intelligence needs to be included in some of the query results.

Additional filtering and export options should be made available ASAP. The REPORTS and HISTORY pages need quite some rework to be more useful.  The same is true for the TOP TRENDS page. As it is now I can’t really see the point in havening MENTIONS and TRENDS on the same page.

I made some suggestions in this Internet Time Machine review that should not be too difficult to implement. If the ITM guys are as bright as I think they are, they will take some of my observations into account.

The Internet Time Machine – What I Like

So to answer the question about the single most favorable feature about The Internet Time Machine, I guess it is surely the power of the system which it derives from its long history of data gathering and the algorithm that exploits the data available. As I pointed out earlier on, it may no be perfect yet, but for what I have seen so far, the potential is impressive.

I think it is best to clearly differentiate the two available access levels. I will start with the first level, the access to the Internet Time Machine members section. Here the ITM team provides ready made reports on emerging trends or internet marketing tricks in the video and blogs, and what I have seen was great stuff. It’s really only a matter of taking action. This is particularly helpful for newbies or not very experienced Internet Marketers. But also the experience IM’ers will benefit a lot, without even having to do their own research in the ITM.

If the ITM team continues delivering at the current high level, this is a no-brainer. Now lets consider the second level; getting direct access to the ITM and being able to run your own queries puts you miles ahead of other marketers. The information is there, it is up to your creativity to find your golden nuggets. Tap into niches early on, when other experienced Internet Marketers haven’t even heard about them, gives you an advantage of a value that is difficult to quantify. How much more could you have made if you knew before about the Acai berry boom before? How much is it worth to dominate a market from the very beginning?  Priceless!  This brings me to my final observation, the pricing…

PRICING: A system as powerful as The Internet Time Machine would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for anyone to develop and maintain. And as more users will start accessing the system more processing power will be required. I frankly believe that the ITM guys got it completely wrong with the pricing!Membership fees are totally underpriced. But this is what I liked.

I got on board early on for an incredible low price. It is normal human tendency to perceive the value of a commodity by its price tag. People tend to view products with a low price tag as something of inferior quality. Similarly when they see a product that has its price going through the roof, they immediately value the product very highly.

The rationale behind this logic is understandable as well. After all, a product of high value would have cost the developers of the product considerably. Anyone who has not heard about The Internet Time Machine before would assume that this is also a mediocre product if they were to go by the price alone.

They have seen so many mediocre products that have been priced a lot more than The Internet Time Machine and still do not perform anywhere close to this software. So when such people see the cost of accessing The Internet Time Machine, they would naturally be tempted to believe that this is another one of those mediocre products that are flooding the Internet Marketing Business world right now. We really cannot blame people for getting that impression because that is how most products in that price range deliver.

When I first saw the prices, I got the impression that if the ITM guys are giving the memberships away for this low price it may not be as powerful as I thought. Consider the price for some of the top notch newsletters or tools like Wordtracker, which deliver good quality but much less actionable business value. And to tell the truth, I think they will be soon raising prices, especially for accessing The Internet Time Machine queries, soon.

Regarding the “normal” users that have access to the prepared market studies, at some point, the ITM Guys will have to limit the number of members to no dilute the value of the information given, or if they accept more members, produce more trend reports and business ideas.

Wouldn’t we all like to be on the cutting edge and not share our competitive advantage with too many others?  😉 If you went directly to this conclusion section and you still have some questions, either read the whole Internet Time Machine Review or if you want a short introduction you may also go t“What is TheInternet Time Machine?” here… It includes a 2 minutes video introduction from the ITM Guys about What is The Internet Time Machine?

Are you interested and want to see more?


You may try it now. Risk Free…

Disclaimer; When you purchase a product through any of our links, we may get a percentage paid of the sales price. Don’t you think it’s fair that we get a little share for our efforts in putting this information together?

QUICK LINKS to some of the products and services I use:

The Internet Marketing Machine – Find profitable niches with little competition Market Samurai – Much more than a simple a keyword research Tool, with great training videos and support. Host Gator – Domain registration and Web hosting. Go for the Baby Plan with unlimited domains, space and bandwith. Cheap, good servers and outstanding support Article Video Robot – Create and videos from articles and distribute them to +15 video directories within minutes. Article Marketing Automation – Free for receiving blog content and paid membership for distribution articles to fellow members. Read more here… Getresponse – Easy to use and advanced (Multilanguage) Email Marketing and Autoresponder sytem.

The Internet Time Machine

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3 thoughts on “The Internet Time Machine – Review”

  1. Hey Andre,

    Many thanks for the complete researched review. Obviously the time and effort you have put on to review this product is second to none as far as I am concerned.

    I have just purchased Platinium Package OTO package through your link as an appreciation and thank you to your very thorough review.

    I am really impressed. I would be more than happy to receive your future product review if you even send mails.

    Many thanks,


  2. Andre,
    I have never read an entire review(I should say one as long as this one) And I have never clicked on every link and then read or listened to the information on the linked page(maybe you should put a time value on the whole thing it took me about 1.5 hour to read and listen to everything) Anyway the review was very informative. I hear the term newbie used a lot…when does one cross over from being a newbie to a novice to an…you get the point. Are people no longer considered newbies after their first sale? I’m just curious about that. I think the product is interesting and does require more research on my part. Thanks for your opinion.

  3. I am not quite sure where to draw the line for newbies or novices. I would not say, though, that this depends on the first sale, but more to how well you understand what Internet marketing is, and that it is no a quick path to making money, but rather a “job” that requires some dedication and training to get going. If you have some good basic understanging on Internet Marketing I would say you are not a newbie anymore, athough you have not made a sale yet. Usually it takes quite some time ot reach this point, and once you are there making more sales is a matter of improving your current processes. The ITM does not train you, but helps you discovering keywords and products that have low supply but a rising demand, hence a shortcut to tap into upcoming markets.

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